Finnish Movement Director and Choreographer ; Developing and Sharing Practice

Northern School of Contemporary Dance 2004Welcome to My World and Why Blog about it ? 

Hello and nice to have you visit my very first post !


My name is Krista and I am originally from a small town called Uusikaupunki and a city called Turku, both situated on the west coast of Finland. This is not a travel blog but I do recommend visiting both ! I came to the UK to study when I got offered a place at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds in early 2000. I loved the intensity of the training and the skillset we gained there which allowed us to develop into technically strong and varied dancers. After graduating, I stayed in the UK as I had built my network here and itseemed silly to leave straight away before testing my dancing toes in its professional world. So I decided to stay for ONE extra year only…This ONE year has now extended into 17 extra years! Has something like that ever happened to you ? Something you only realise years later…that this one small decision, which seemed very insignificant at the time, most likely changed the whole outcome of your life…The longer I stayed, the harder it was to leave. 

Instead of moving back to Finland, I moved to London in late 2000.


Trying to get into my best stretch it seems, at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance 2004

After many years spent immersed in the contemporary dance world, I was hungry for something new. In London, I started my MA in Dance Theatre; The Body in Performance studies at Trinity Laban. I found myself working less as a dancer and more as a creative in theworld of theatre and performance art, which was refreshingly different. Now I work as a Movement Director and Choreographer, and these roles combine my love for creating shapes, the good old “5,6,7,8” and my love for storytelling through physicality and movement.


So why create this Blog ?


Firstly, I am passionate about collaboration, sharing knowledge and exchanging skills, plus supporting others. So if this blog can inspire, offer insight and be useful to anyone starting,emerging or curious about my approach and or the discussion on practice, this is for you. Also if you are thinking of applying for the DYCP grant, great! This blog can answer some of the questions you might have about it. Do also send a comment below on what you might want to know. It can be tough and I have been lucky to be mentored and supported by amazing generous people on my journey so far. I believe in passing on this kindness and generosity.

                                                                Into The Light , Sherman Theatre | Photo: Kirsten McTernan


Secondly, I am hoping to start a dialogue with other creatives and build a new network of exchange. I will share insights about the work I do, talk about where I situate my practice and skillset and what inspires me to move and create. HOWEVER, it would be absolutely amazing to hear FROM YOU and your experiences and what moves you. Let’s start a conversation here, as I know I can also learn a lot from you ! 

Part of the freelance life I also want to bring up here, are the undeniable ups and downs and the moments when you don’t feel inspired at all…I always feel better after talking to my peers and just being reminded that I am not alone. So this Blog is to offer that and is here to inspire and remind you that you can do it, even on those tougher days! It is good to developsome methods on how to get through the tougher days and slow seasons. I cannot say I have found THE method, but can share some things that have helped me and would love to hear what you those days to get through.  

Thirdly, this blog is the device where I can document and share some of the learning outcomes and experiences on my DYCP Journey ; ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ , funded by Arts Council England. I am focussing on developing my practice which will include expanding skillset fitting to work in Film, TV and medium/larger scale works for stage. Not knowing the outcome of it all and having so many moving parts and big dreams is a bit taunting, trying to self manage myself , lol. 


So here I go, into the unknown and sharing it here might help, so I feelI am not alone . Eyes open or eyes closed ? A bit of both. I will ” Tip toe if I must. But take the step ” .


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PLEASE also comment below on anything you would like the blog to cover specifically in terms of movement, dance, developing practice and creativity. Hope to see you here next time !

 Do get in touch , Do be kind and Do keep creating !



Krista x