Krista Vuori

The Brownie Club

The Brownie Club Movement Director | Creative Mentor Jacksons Lane CREATIVE TEAM:   Created and Written by: Jessica Andrade Light Design : Berta Pibernat Dias Sound Design : Renu Hossain Movement Director,Creative Mentor: Krista Vuori Cast: Jessica Andrade, Allie Ho Chee, Lucia Tong  

A Daughters View

Writer, Creator, Performer, Producer, Daughter A DAUGHTERS VIEW R&D and Pilot Performance 2016 An intergenerational performance piece combining movement, aerial dance, text and projection. CREATIVE TEAM: Concept and Direction: Krista Vuori Cast: Krista Vuori and Raili Vuori  Aerial Consultant and Mentor: Vicki Amedume      Big Thanks to Supporters, Upswing Aerial | Vicki Amedume WAC Arts  |  Inflight …

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